Yesterday, we were keeping an eye on the disturbance located over Mexico as it was heading toward the Bay of Campeche.

Last night, the disturbance was officially named Tropical Depression Three as it hit the warm Gulf waters. The system is forecast to just hang out in the same location until Friday before starting to move north late Friday night.

As of 7:00am this morning , NOAA has forecast a track for the next five days. It looks like the track brings it north starting on Saturday morning around 1:00am and it into the central Gulf of Mexico by Sunday at 1:00am.


If this system gets its act together, it will be named Cristobal.

Currently, Tropical Storm Three is located at 19.6 North and 92.4 West if you're a weather nerd like me and are going to track it. The winds are sustained at 35mph at this time, and it is moving West at 3mph.

This system might not become a threat to Southwest Louisiana, but then again, it could move toward us. That is why they call it the cone of uncertainty. My advice is not to take this too lightly. Have your plan of action in place and your supplies ready, just in case.

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