The 2020 Hurricane Season can be described as 10lb of sausage in a 5lb bag. There were so many hurricanes, we ran out of names. To get an even better idea of how crazy it was, check out this inferred satellite video showing all 30 tropical depressions and 13 hurricanes flying around in the Atlantic.

The 2020 Hurricane Season shattered all previous records producing 31 tropical depressions, 30 tropical storms, 13 hurricanes with six of those major hurricanes according to

Five of those named storms came to Louisiana, causing billions of dollars in damages and tragic loss of life. Hurricane Laura alone is responsible for 32 deaths in Louisiana.

In this video below from the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, you can watch a super cut of all of this season's tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes as they traveled through the Atlantic Ocean to eventually picking picking their victims and making landfall.

From Arthur to Iota, watch them all from their miserable beginnings to their miserable endings.

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