Everyone is searching far and wide for the best crawfish prices this weekend, and we've got your back with a list of the cheapest prices around SWLA.

Top Ten Crawfish Prices In SWLA For Easter Weekend:

  1. Rouses (Moss Bluff/Lake Charles/Sulphur) - $3.69/lb boiled, $2.88/lb live
  2. Paradise Daiquiris (Sulphur) - $4.75/lb boiled from drive thru
  3. LeBleu's Landing (Sulphur) - $4.75/lb boiled
  4. Richard's (Sulphur) - $5.29/lb boiled
  5. Paradise Daiquiries (Moss Bluff) - $5.40/lb boiled
  6. Randy's Seafood Market (Sulphur) - $5.49/lb boiled
  7. J & R Crawfish (Kinder) - $5.50/lb boiled
  8. Paradise Crawfish (Lake Charles) - $5.75/lb boiled
  9. Roy's Meat Market (Iowa) - $5.75/lb boiled
  10. Beauxdines (Lake Charles) - $5.99 boiled, $3.25 live

The crawfish prices around your town are frequently updated on The Crawfish App website and KPLC's crawfish price check page.

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