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Before Marvel launched their latest Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier into the MCU, I talked about my suspicion that Louisiana was about to play a big role. After a couple of episodes, that theory has been confirmed.

Guess I should have said it already, but here it comes...SPOILER ALERT

If you're up to date on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, you know that Sam Wilson's Falcon makes his home in Louisiana. He and his sister own and operate their parent's fishing boat. Although, as shown in the show, the business isn't doing great. There's a lot of conflict over the boat, and business, between Sam and his sister. If you've already seen the show, I don't need to break it down, and if you haven't, you really should go watch it right now.

So we already know Louisiana will be important to Sam, who's actor Anthony Mackie is from New Orleans, meaning Louisiana is important to him too. Which is probably part of the reason that Sam Wilson's origins were changed for the MCU. In the comic books, Sam Wilson is from New York City, while now in live action he's from south Louisiana.

I think it safe to say that Louisiana will show up again will more importance over coming episodes too. Clearly in the trailers we've seen Sam training with Cap's shield in some swampy looking areas. We can assume that means he's going to be training with the shield near or at his family's Louisiana home.

But it's not just Sam tied to Louisiana, which makes this really interesting for the long-term plans of the MCU.

Monica Rambeau was introduced in the 2019 movie Captain Marvel as the child of Carol Danver's best friend Maria Rambeau. In the movie the Rambeau's home is in Louisiana, and is showcased for a good portion of the movie. Monica Rambeau's comic counterpart shares the same home state as her MCU version as well, unlike Sam Wilson's Falcon.

Earlier this year, we saw the adult version of Monica Rambeau in the Disney+ show WandaVision, where we saw her gain her superpowers. In the comics she's been known as Captain Marvel (actually had the name before Carol Danvers), Spectrum, and Photon. We're not sure exactly what her "superhero codename" will be in the MCU moving forward, but we know that it's been established that her, and her family, call Louisiana home.

So if Monica Rambeau is powered up and ready to take on a big role in the MCU, and Sam Wilson might be set up to take over as Captain America, a relatively small state might get to claim two high level MCU heroes soon.

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