I always get excited to watch the holiday movies I hold off watching until the Christmas season is here.

It got me thinking about my favorite Christmas movies I love watching during the holidays so I compiled my top 5 favorites.

Now your list will probably differ from mine because I am kind of warped but here we go with my top 5.

20th Century Fox

#5 -- Home Alone

I like this movie because when my son was little we would watch it over and over again so it brings back great memories.


#4 -- Elf

Will Ferrell is one of my fav's and the scene where he answers the phone at his dads office and says "Buddy The Elf What is Your Favorite Color' Makes me laugh every time.

#3 -- Scrooged

Bill Murray is hilarious and this movie makes you feel good and laugh at the same time.  Bill Murray and his smart ellic ways throughout the show keeps me laughing.


#2 -- A Christmas Story

F-R-A-G-I-L-EH.  It must be Italian.  No honey i think Fragile.  Oh Yeah.  That was a great line in the movie. Plus we were all rooting for Ralphie to get that Red Rider BB Gun.  TBS plays the movie on Christmas Eve starting at 6pm for 24 straight hours and I probably watch it at least 5-6 times every year during that 24 hour span.

(Image via Warner Bros)

#1 -- National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 

What's not to love about this movie?  From Clarks nieve ways to Cousin Eddie emptying toxic waste into the sewer to the ridiculous amount of Christmas lights on the Griswolds home this show keeps me laughing from start to finish even though I have scene it a million times.