I love this show and i can't believe its 40 years old now.  Read this to find out what your favorite Kid stars from the show have become.


Forty years after finding their golden tickets, the lucky kids who first met in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory have reunited.

No word on whether the snozzberries still taste like snozzberries, but there's good news: no giant purple floating girls this time.

Nearly all of the surviving cast of the 1971 film, based on Roald Dahl's beloved novel, was brought back together by the "Today Show" on Tuesday, all grown adults but no less fond of their magical adventure.

"I have very fond memories of making the film, working with Jack Albertson and Gene Wilder, they were both super people to work with," said Peter Ostrum, who played lucky winner Charlie. He's now a veterinarian in upstate New York.

There was even a confession of guilt: Julie Dawn Cole, who played Veruca Salt, admitted that she snuck down early to see the magical set, which was supposed to be off limits to the children until filming began. Sounds just like her character, but luckily for her, no garbage chute punishment was levied this time around. Cole is now a voiceover artist and fitness instructor.

As for the rest of the cast, many of them, perhaps inspired by Wonka's empire, went into the financial sector. Denise Nickerson, who played Violet Beauregarde, is now an accountant; Paris Themmen, who played Mike Teevee, is a financial consultant; Michael Bollner, aka Augustus Gloop, is a tax accountant.

How many times have you seen Willy Wonka???

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