New Orleans is considering a citywide smoking ban, a move that might extend to the city's casino.

The move is controversial, to say the least. Anyone who’s been to any Lake Charles casino will tell you that smokers make up a large percentage of gamblers. According to KPLC and WAFB, a study shows that smoking bans in Colorado and Delaware casinos led to a decrease in gambling revenue.

At the same time, it’s not like smoking is unhealthy everywhere in public EXCEPT a casino. A health hazard is a health hazard, no matter where you go. If it happens in the New Orleans casinos, how long before it spreads to the others, as well?

So this is why I felt that if we’re going to look at banning smoking in casinos, then maybe we should offer some alternatives. Here are three things casinos can do to keep the smoking crowd while still falling within the law.


  • / István Csák / István Csák

    Put Nicotine Spigots on Slot Machines

    For some people, the “one-armed bandit” takes two arms to operate – one to push the buttons and the other to hold a cigarette. But casinos could save money from all those slot machine jackpots by offering a slot combination that simply gives the player a hit of nicotine. Okay, you could have won $6 on the penny slots, or you could give up the money for a drag. If the smoking ban goes into effect, this is my retirement idea.

  • JeremyNathan / WestLight
    JeremyNathan / WestLight

    Have a Speakeasy 'Marijuana' Lounge

    In today’s political climate marijuana is becoming more legal than cigarettes. It’s only a matter of time before Louisiana says ‘yes’ to the bud. Instead of weed smokers having to pretend they’re ‘smoking cigarettes,’ tobacco smokers can pretend they’re ‘getting high.’  Everyone will just turn the other way.

  • Stockbyte / Golden Nugget
    Stockbyte / Golden Nugget

    Every Face Card Has A Nicotine Patch on the Back

    In gambling, the odds are always in favor of the house. Casinos can ‘stack the deck,’ so to speak by making blackjack players decide whether or not they want to stand on 17 or if they want to trade that queen of spades for a nicotine fix. Players will lose more often, but they won't care as much.

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