We would like to send a major shout-out to our local meteorologist Ben Terry of KPLC-TV! Thank you for serving this community with so much integrity. You've done an awesome job keeping us up to date on the daily and weekly forecasts.

You were there when the weather got tough and guided us through some of our roughest times from Hurricane Laura to the ice storms. Thank you for always helping us stay on track and giving us accurate forecasts to plan out our daily routines around. Please know that you are appreciated and we look forward to having you back to guide us through those rainy days.

Ben is gearing up to fight cancer at MD Anderson and will be undergoing aggressive chemotherapy to win back his health. He doesn't plan on leaving KPLC, but he is going to take a small step back so that he can put all his focus on fighting his cancer.

We are with you every step of the way Ben! May God bless and keep you. Wishing you nothing but blessings and a speedy recovery. Take care and keep shining!

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