UPDATED April 25, 9:40 a.m. - Former teacher Sommer Nicole Odom of Iowa has been arrested for committing sexual crimes with area students.

KPLC TV reports 35-year old Sommer Nicole Odom of Iowa was arrested Tuesday (April 21) in Lake Charles and is now facing multiple charges.  Odom was booked on three counts of oral sexual batter, four counts of indecent behavior with juveniles and one count of sexual battery.

According to the American Press, Odom was a teacher at Lake Charles Charter Academy(LCCA) and she has been terminated due to the allegations.  The school officials have confirmed this story.

In an UPDATE - The Inquisitr reports Lake Charles Police Department, Deputy Chief Mark Kraus stated that an unnamed student’s mother called police on Saturday, April 18. The mother was extremely concerned mother learned that Odom had “inappropriate contact” on several occasions with her son.

After an investigation was conducted, it was confirmed that Odom did indeed have sexual relations with the student.  According to KATC, authorities searched the teachers home, and found incriminating evidence, which led to her arrest.  Kraus said there is a possibility more charges could be added.

“We have searched the suspect’s residence and did some work at the school itself interviewing people to support the allegation.”

The schools Board of Trustees and Board President Gene Thibodeaux are conducting an internal investigation and fully cooperating with authorities.  Together all parties are working to protect the rights everyone involved, the American Press reports. The LCCA board and president call the allegations "disturbing" and issued a letter with the following statement:

“If proven to be true, it represents a gross and inexplicable departure from the conduct expected of the instructional staff. This tragic incident does not reflect the moral identity upon which our school was founded.”


We are taking steps to provide appropriate counseling to the affected students and to the immediate family members of the former teacher, who ar victims as well."


Thibodeaux said, a safe learning environment has been and always will be the school’s paramount responsibility.  He added, “We deeply regret any harm that may have been done to the students and staff,” he said. “We solemnly promise to seek the truth so that all appropriate actions may be taken. We are steadfastly committed to the physical, emotional and educational well being of our students.”

As this story continues to develop, we will keep you informed.  In the meantime, KPLC TV reports, Odom's bond was set at $120, 000 and she has posted bail.


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