I don't know who was at the pump before this picture was taken, but it sure does show you the current reality that a lot of us are living in. I am not writing this to make fun of anyone. We all have our struggles right now. When I first started driving at 16, gas was .99 cents a gallon. I just filled up my truck yesterday and shocked myself when I said "and $125 on pump 10". I almost puked just saying those words!

K. Conrad
K. Conrad

We are all struggling in our own way these days, and tension is high amongst us all. Opinions of various situations are all over the place. Of course, we are all entitled to our own, but we just need to remember that in the end, we are all human. We don't know each other's struggles as we interact with one another. Sometimes just a simple smile to a random stranger, holding a door for someone, or even just saying "Hi" can turn someone's day around.

I realize not everyone is scrounging around for pennies and quarters to make ends meet, but there are some that are. This isn't a plea to give money to anyone, Lord knows we gotta save all we can. This is simply an example of a lesson from a simple gas pump. Understand that when you think you're struggling, someone else is struggling more than you. Most of the time, we don't know who that person is. You might interact with that person every single day and have no clue. Being nice is free to do. Being a human is free to do. Sometimes by just doing that, you can turn someone's entire day around. That advice will always be worth more than the price of gas, no matter how high it gets.

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