As the city anticipates a 3-day weekend going into the Labor Day holiday Monday, we have been informed that there will be no trash picked up. While this may be an inconvenience to some, this is normal practice in not only Calcasieu Parish, but various parishes and cities around the country take this day into consideration for their employees to enjoy a little time off.

For those who will have the major parties on Sunday and Monday, prepare to have the trash that is generally picked up on Monday to be picked up on Tuesday. This will push Tuesday's normal trash day to Wednesday, September 8. This is only due to the upcoming holiday. Trash and garbage pick-up will resume the normal schedule on Thursday and Friday.

Also keep in mind that all other local services including City Hall and all public works and city departments including water will be closed in observance of Labor Day as well. Make sure that you will have all of your trash and other items of disposal placed out before 7 a.m on collection day or the night before to ensure that your trash will be picked up in a timely manner. I had the situation happen before where I actually thought that I was placing out the trash in time only to find out that I had missed them. Obviously, I had more trash than I could handle when it came back around again for the following week.

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