If Louisiana had its own dictionary...it would probably be way too heavy for anyone to lift, now that we think about it. We have a lot of words here, which is why we've broken things down into just one or two (or three, whatever, don't judge us) letters. You know, to keep things moving.

The Louisiana Alphabet

A is for Acadiana, or maybe Alligators

B is for Boudin

C is for Crawfish

D is for Drive-Thru Daiquiris, but keep that tape on till you get home, sha!

F is for Football, or we guess it could be for Frogs, if you're from Rayne

rayne frog festival
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G is for Gumbo (But not if you put tomatoes in it!)

H is for High School Football

I is for Iowa, but not the one with all the corn. (Also, it's pronounced Eye-Oh-A, for some reason.)

J is for Jambalaya, and you can cook it whichever old way

K is for Kee-yawww! (see also: P)

L is for LSU Football. Geaux Tigers!

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M is for Mais, dis a good list!

N is for Nutria Rat

O is for Opelousas, where dey makes up dat Tony Chachere's

P is for Poo-yi! (see also: K)

Q is for Quit puttin' tomatoes in the dang gumbo, Karen!

R is for Roux

Wheat flour and heated butter in a saucepan

S is for Savin' the dishes

T is for Tony's Chachere's, what for dey makes up over in Opelousas

U is for Underwater, which is another way of pronouncing Hurricane Season

V is for Voodoo

W is for Who Dat?

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints
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X is for -eauX, and you can just geaux on now if you don't like it

Y is for Ya Mama and dem

Z is for Zydeco

See? Now you know the whole Louisiana alphabet. Don't you feel smarter already?

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