Last Night I had the honor of being on the panel for The Great Debate with 2 gentlemen who are running for City Council District A. Ronnie Harvey Jr, Principal for Washington Marion High School, and former Fire Chief T.A. Jones allowed us to meet the candidates last night. Both of these distinguished gentlemen of the community came out to answer questions, and discuss their plans for North Lake Charles during an hour-long debate. The event was organized by Cary Chavis of The Cary Chavis Experience.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

I had the chance to be on a panel comprised of local media contributors including Brandon Maxille, Soup Kitchen Media, Crystal Stevenson, Executive Editor of The American Press, Southwest Daily News, Beauregard News, Leesville Leader, and Jillian Corder from KPLC. We each had preapproved questions that we asked each candidate and allowed them the opportunity to answer, and have a rebuttal to their prospective opponent.

The District A seat has been open since the passing of Councilwoman Mary Morris who passed away last year and has been held on an interim basis by Marshall Semien. This is a very important race as we are in need of someone who will continue to carry on the vision of its predecessors and who can move Lake Charles as a whole into a better place business-wise as well as living conditions in North Lake Charles.

The evening was broadcasted live on Facebook and there were many in attendance as well for the event. Thanks to Mr. Cary Chavis for the invite and to all of those who came out for the evening. Make sure you get out and vote on March 26 for the election and early vote as well if at all possible.


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