Back on February 7th, I wrote a story about how I received my late father's police badges and Armed forces uniform brass back 15 years after he passed away.

I was taken aback when I saw it because I hadn't seen it in over 15 years. The two cardboard plaques contained his Lake Charles Police Department Lieutenant and Captain's badges, his United States Army Staff Seargent brass and name tags, his Sheriff's Office badges, and even his polygraph graduation ring when he graduated from the polygraph school.

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After I published the story a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Kaleb Landry who is the owner of Landry's Custom Woodworking. He is known for making those beautiful 3D American flags out of wood. He really is one talented guy.

Kaleb asked me if he could borrow my father's badges and other things because he wanted to make me something and needed the badges to do it.  Of course, I was like sure but then I also thought, I just got these back and didn't know if I wanted to let them go again so soon.

But I knew I could trust Kaleb so I agreed.  He had been having them for about two weeks when he contacted me last Thursday and said he was done with what he wanted to do and he wanted to bring it back to me.


I had no idea what Mr. Landry had done. When he walked in with the American flag with the blue line for police officers and all of my dad's badges and other awards were on full display, I was taken back. It was so beautiful and a great way to honor my late father.

My father, Dave Soileau, was in the United States Navy, Army, Lake Charles Police Department, and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office in his over 40 years career serving and protecting the United States Of America and the residents of Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish proudly.

Mike Soileau
Mike Soileau

Kaleb didn't have to do that for me but he did and I can't thank him enough. It was a true blessing and now I can display them with pride and honor my late father for his service. THANK YOU, Kaleb and Landry's Custom Woodworking.

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