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Country Concerts Coming To South Louisiana In 2017
If "see more concerts" is on your list of things to do in 2017, you can check it off in the first part of the year. As a matter of fact, you can check it off more than once with all of the country music stars who will either be in the Lake area or within driving distance!
“Humble And Kind”– Are We? [VIDEO]
When I heard Tim McGraw's new song "Humble and Kind," I was stopped at a red light and almost sat through the light when it turned green. It's simple lyrics are exactly what we need to hear in a world filled with selfies, political finger-pointing, and the ever-present search for…
2015 CMA Awards– Who Will Win?
The stars of country music will be shining brightly next week (Wed, Nov 4th), and some more than others, when the winners of the 2015 CMA Awards are announced in Nashville. Just being nominated is a big deal for many of these folks, and there were several surprises when the nominees were announced i…

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