As we celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this weekend, we are wishing everyone a very happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Enjoy the fellowship of the season with family and friends. This time of the year in SWLA most households are having fish fry's.

However, no Easter holiday would be quite right without some good ol' boiled crawfish! With that said, thanks to KPLC, listed below are the latest prices and places to pick up a few sacks in SWLA. All prices are per pound unless otherwise noted.

BeauxDines’                  Lake Charles           BOILED: $6.99; $5.99 to-go. LIVE: $3.25.
GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL: BOILED: $4.99 for 30 lbs. or more. LIVE: $60 preorder.

Contraband Crawfish   Lake Charles           BOILED: $4.99; $4.75 10 lb. and up.

Captains Table              Lake Charles           BOILED: $6.99.

Honey B Ham                Lake Charles           BOILED: $5.99 takeout, $6.99 dine in; LIVE: $120.00 large sack; $90 medium sack.

JT’s Seafood                 Lake Charles           BOILED: $5.79; $5.49 for 10 lbs. or more; ICE CHEST SPECIAL (25 lbs or more): $5.29. LIVE: $3.25.

Mac’s Crawfish             Lake Charles           BOILED: $6.00; 30 LBS OR MORE: $5.50.

Rikenjaks                      Lake Charles            BOILED: $20.99 for 3 lbs. and $24.99 for 5 lbs.

Rouse’s                          Lake Charles           BOILED: $3.69.;10 lbs. $3.49; LIVE: $2.99

Steamboat Bill’s(on the Lake) Lake Charles     BOILED: $5.99.

Steamboat Bill’s(on Broad)    Lake Charles      BOILED: $5.99.

TaD’s                          Lake Charles               BOILED: $12.99 for 2lbs.; $23.99 for 4 lbs.

Zydeco Crawfish              Lake Charles                   BOILED: $5.99.

Steamboat Bill’s                 DeRidder                       BOILED: $5.99.

Paradise Daiquiris              Moss Bluff                     BOILED: $5.55.

Heads or Tails                     Moss Bluff                    BOILED: $4.99; $4.79 for 30 lbs. or more.

Fire & Spice                        Moss Bluff               BOILED: $5.99; $5.49 for 15 lb.& up; $4.99 for 30lb and up.

Hot Spot                               Moss Bluff           BOILED: $5.99; $5.69 for 10 lb. or more.  ICE CHEST SPECIAL (30 lbs. or more): $4.99.

Boulet’s Boil-N-Go      Sulphur        BOILED: $5.49. $4.99 for 15 lb. & up. LIVE: $3.25.

Cast & Cleaver                   Sulphur            BOILED: $18 for 3 lbs.; $30 for 5 lbs.

Cody’s Crawfish Shop        Sulphur                   BOILED: $5.99. ICE CHEST $5.50.

Hollier’s                           Sulphur                DINE-IN: $17.95 for 3 lbs., $29.95 for 5 lbs.  TO GO: $5.98.

Paradise Daiquiris              Sulphur                      BOILED: $5.45.

Lebleu’s Landing               Sulphur                       BOILED: $17.95 for 3 lbs.; $29.95 for 5 lbs. TO GO: $5.99.

Richard’s                       Sulphur                 BOILED: $18.95 for 3 lbs.; $29.95 for 5 lbs.; $6.49  TO GO

Roy’s Meat Market                Iowa                        BOILED: $5.99. LIVE: $3.00.

John Mo’s Crawdads            Iowa                         BOILED: $6.28.

Deaton’s Cajun Kitchen          Kinder             BOILED: $5.49; $4.99 10 lb. and up. GOOD FRIDAY: $145 for 30 lbs., includes 6 corn cobs, 6 potatoes.

Neptunes                              Elton              BOILED: 3 lb. $19.50 and 5 lb. $32.50.

Poole’s Boil-N-Go               Hayes                        BOILED: $5.59. LIVE: $3.50.

Darrell’s of Jennings        Jennings           BOILED: $18 for 3 lbs.
$30 for 5 lbs. GOOD FRIDAY:      ICE CHEST SPECIAL 20 lb. or more $4.00.

Habetz Family Crawfish   Jennings              BOILED: $3.99 Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Circle A Mini Mart              Vinton                      BOILED: $6.25; LIVE: $3.25.

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