Social media, it's either a blessing or a curse or sometimes it's that blessing that you curse. Regardless, the thoughts and wisdom of hundreds of people you "kind of know" is not going away anytime soon.

Personally, I find time on social media sites to be quite stressful. I just can't handle being in the presence of so many experts on so many important topics. Or maybe I have a valid and working "crap detector" that lights up every time I open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok.

Trump Issues Executive Orders Barring Transactions With TikTok And WeChat
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But alas there is no dark cloud that doesn't have at least some kind of a silver lining. For me, the silver lining of social media is it's a great way to ask "the world" their opinion without having to spend a lot of time on the telephone doing surveys.

With social media, you just ask your question and wait for the responses, personal attacks, and political agendas to weed out what you don't want and use the rest.

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I tell you that to tell you this. Recently we asked on our social media sites a question about life's little annoyances. You know, not the big issues we face but the little things that just get under your skin and start to fester. We have compiled our list and I bet on more than one occasion we will discover something that grinds your gears so hard there won't be any teeth left.

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