" If you could have only met your Grandfather", those words haunt me. I never knew either of my Grandfathers. I have heard their stories relayed through my Mom and Dad but I never knew their voice. How fortunate you are if you have older relatives still living that you can sit and listen to the stories of their lives.

The fact that I am deprived of hearing the sound of my heritage in its own voice has haunted me for a while. I love stories. I believe we all have an amazing story to tell. Even if that story would only be considered amazing by the generations of our family that come after us. That is why I was intrigued by a program called Story Corps.

Story Corps uses the amazing technology of today, namely our smartphones, to give us the tool we need to not let the story of your family go to the grave and be silenced forever. The Story Corp app is available at the iTunes Store and in Google Play. It's free. It may be the most valuable app you will ever download and use, because it allows you to capture the voice of your heritage and save it forever in the Library of Congress.

The Story Corp app gives you some suggested questions to ask your father, your mother, a grandma, a grandpa, even yourself so that your personal story might be saved for future generations of your family to hear. Imagine the ears of 3015 hearing the voice of 2015 in its own voice. That just blows me away.

I can only hope that you are as passionate about being connected to your past as you are passionate about our future. This amazing program allows us to bridge the gap between the two.