As the Summer months begin to stretch out in front of us many people like you and I will be looking for some great weekend getaways. Oddly enough, one of those great getaways could be just minutes from our front doors.

The town of Lake Arthur is finalizing a substantial improvement and beautification project that will make that Jeff Davis Parish community an even shiner jewel in Southwest Louisiana's tourism crown.

KATC TV spoke with Mayor Robbie Bertrand about the project and what it means to the community.

In the official logo, it has cypress trees and it says, 'Lake Arthur - Louisiana's Best Kept Secret' and that's true

In addition to some new landscaping for the city that was funded by a grant from the Louisiana Office of State Parks and the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the city is refurbishing or in some cases building brand new pavilions.

There's nine pavilions in the park that were built at various stages in the past. They're all being rebuilt, new slabs, new structures, new picnic tables. They're going to have barbecue pits attached.

The city will also be unveiling a new website very soon and the hope is that by making these improvements this will put Lake Arthur on the tourism map not only for out of state guests but for those seeking a restful and relaxing getaway that is close to home.



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