It's dry, it's chewy, it's packed with flavor, and it wouldn't be South Louisiana if we didn't have the delicious treat known as jerky. It's a staple around the radio stations on Friday morning's when the always delicious "Deli-Girls" from Don's Specialty Meats send over a package of love, kindness, care, and goodness. Today you should go by Don's or any of the other great jerky stops in South Louisiana and get your chew on too.

Today is Jerky Day:  By gosh we finally got one of these crazy holidays to celebrate something meaningful. Is there anything more wonderful than dried meat seasoned to perfection and served in stiff slabs from a brown paper bag? I don't think so.

If you're not familiar with jerky its a thin slice of lean meat. Around here it's usually beef or venison. It's trimmed of the fat and is seasoned with a special yet very secret blend of spices. The meat is then slowly dried over a period of hours to remove the moisture.

It's not that difficult to make your own jerky in the oven or on the barbeque pit. There are a lot of great videos

You Tube

that can show you how to do that.

The original idea of jerky was to keep meat from spoiling in the days before refrigeration.  Around South Louisiana we just happen to make it so good it's turned into a gourmet treat.