WDSU reported that a 71-year-old Slidell man is now presumed dead after an alligator attack. The man's wife reported that her husband had been attacked by an alligator while he was walking in the floodwater caused by Hurricane Ida. The wife was inside their home while the husband was outside walking around. She watched her husband get attacked by the alligator and ran outside to pull him to safety.

The wife ran inside of their home to get first aid items, but by the time she back outside his injuries were too severe. She left her husband on the steps of their home while she took their pirogue to higher ground for help. When she returned, he was no longer on the steps.

Authorities have been unable to locate the man's body, but are still investigating the incident. This adds to the current death toll of the already two deaths occurring from Hurricane Ida. One man was found dead in his vehicle due to high water in Lakeview, Louisiana and another was reported dead after a tree fell on a home in Prairieville.

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