Hurricane Ida has decimated Southeast Louisiana and many organizations here in SWLA are accepting relief donations to send to the affected areas.

Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall In Louisiana Leaving Devastation In Its Wake
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Less than a year ago we went through the same thing with Hurricane Laura. If you're able to donate items to help our neighbors in SELA, please do so.


Donate at the places below to get supplies to Hurricane Ida survivors:

  • Beauregard Sheriff’s Office. More details here.
  • Boudreaux’s New Drug Store. More details here.
  • Catholic Charities of SWLA. More details here.
  • First Pentecostal Church of Lake Charles, donations will be taken tomorrow. More details here.
  • Iowa Police Department is accepting donations.
  • Lake Charles Fire Department Station 8, 5365 Big Lake Road. Supplies will be taken on Wednesday.
  • Miller's Super Saver in Westlake.
  • United Way in Lake Charles.
  • Water's Edge Church in Lake Charles.
  • Foundation House in Lake Charles. More details here.
  • Habibi Shriners Center in Lake Charles. More details here.
Operation Ida Relief
Operation Ida Relief
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