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A 51-year-old shooter at an Antioch, Tenn., movie theater is dead after shots were reported there around 1:15 p.m. today (Aug. 5). WSMV reports that at least one person was reportedly "covered in blood." No names have yet been released. Several nearby public facilities, including malls and schools in the Nashville suburb, have been placed on lockdown.

The shooter may also have had two backpacks with one -- one containing a hatchet, according to The Tennnessean newspaper. One person was injured in the shoulder by hatchet, though the wound is being described as "superficial." WSMV has also reported that the suspect injured three others with pepper spray. No victims have been transported to the hospital.

The suspect, wearing a surgical mask, was reportedly first encountered in the projection room while the theater was showing the film, Mad Max, Fury Road.

The shooter as confirmed dead at around 2 p.m. after a firefight with SWAT members of Nashville Metro Police.

The shooting comes not even a month after a man killed two and injured nine others in Lafayette, La. James Houser, 58, turned his gun on himself after realizing police had surrounded the cinema. Police are still investigating his motivation in that shooting, though Houser had apparently long suffered from mental illness.