Yesterday, we talked about other college football conferences opting out of the 2020 college football season. It is not an easy task, but those representatives felt it was the best and safest decision to make for their staff, players, and students.However, it seems the SEC is still focusing on playing football for the 2020 season. It would be an entirely different type of season to play, but the idea is to keep moving forward.

An article by The Advocate was published after some of their close sources said the presidents of the SEC met late Monday evening to discuss the other conferences opting out, and what the focus should be of the SEC. LSU's athletic director, Scott Woodward, made statements about how, despite the reports and speculations about players and other conferences dropping out, he feels the LSU team as a whole wants to play the season. He discussed how LSU in general is weighing all options and scenarios in order for the team to play, but safely.

The commissioner of the SEC, Greg Sankey, took to Twitter to relay his outlook on the current situation.

It seems the SEC will be doing all they can in order to let their football teams play, so far. We already know LSU's Coach O said they'd play in the middle of a field.

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