The annual Banner's Series fundraiser named Rouge et Blanc was brought about as a fundraiser for the McNeese Banner's Series. It's a series of events, shows, and talks that not only entertains but brings new knowledge into our area about other cultures, art, and music. The concert series alone has brought in large entertainers from across the world including Irish dancers, Steve Martin, and even Puddles the Clown.

Have a wine tasting
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The most popular event for the Banner's Series has always been their giant wine and food tasting event called Rouge et Blanc. It features wines from all over the world brought into SWLA for patrons to taste and purchase on the spot as they walk around the event. Food from local eateries is also available to be sampled, and live music abounds throughout the day. The event uses its ticket sales as the fundraiser for Banner's. Usually, tickets for the event sell out in hours once they go live on their site. It truly has evolved into one of the biggest social events in Lake Charles each year.

With the year beginning and seeming to end the same way, organizers of the event made what we can only imagine was an extremely difficult decision. They have decided to postpone the 2020 tasting until further notice. The event was scheduled for October 10, with tickets going on sale very soon this month. With the announcement, the organizers did mention they will be offering some very special offers for the patrons who typically attend the event.

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