Hurricane Delta came through and devastated Southwest Louisiana yet again after Hurricane Laura and placed another hold on school, as while they opened temporarily, they had to close again due to the hurricane.

Well, it seems that this Monday, October 19, school will return to normal. This has been announced by the Calcasieu Parish School Board. Please take a look at this list of schools that will be resuming operations this Monday.

  • Barbe Elementary
  • Bell City High
  • Brenda Hunter Head Start
  • College Oaks Elementary
  • College Street T&I
  • Combre-Fondel Elementary
  • Cypress Cove Elementary
  • DeQuincy Elementary
  • DeQuincy Primary
  • Dolby Elementary
  • E.K. Key Elementary
  • Frasch Elementary
  • Henry Heights Elementary
  • Iowa Middle
  • Iowa High
  • J.J. Johnson Elementary
  • Kennedy Early Childhood Center
  • Lake Charles Boston Academy
  • Molo Middle
  • Moss Bluff Elementary
  • Positive Connections
  • Ralph Wilson Elementary
  • R.W. Vincent Elementary
  • S.P. Arnett Middle
  • St. John Elementary
  • Starks High
  • T.S. Cooley Elementary Magnet

As other schools begin to reopen, I hope to have an updated list for you. Continue to follow CDC guidelines for in-school sessions and stay optimistic through it all.

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