Cajun and Country music star Richard LeBouef is celebrating his birthday today. Richard LeBouef has been entertaining audiences all over the country for years.

Richard LeBouef has released some really great albums and songs during his career. One of his best in our opinion was back in 1997 with the release of his CD Again For The First Time. That record spawned his biggest hit to date with Empty Glass.

Most people don't realize that the song Empty Glass was not originally released by Richard LeBouef. It is an old Gary Stewart song that Richard remade and his version has become one of the most popular songs in Louisiana and in his career.

Here is the original version of the song Empty Glass performed by Gary Stewart.

Then here is Richard LeBouef's version of Empty Glass which is one of the biggest hits in Louisiana and Cajun music still today.

You may not know this either but Richard LeBouef is a huge fan of Gary Stewart and that is why he covered that song on his 1997 album. To this day, if you ask Richard about the song Empty Glass, he will tell you that my dad Dave Soileau was the first person to ever play it on the radio.

I interviewed Richard years back about this story.  Check this out.

Richard told me the story one day that he walked into the studios of Cajun Country 92.9 when it was in Jennings, Louisiana at the time while my dad was doing his Louisiana Bandstand show.

Richard introduced himself to my dad, gave him the CD, and asked Dave if he would play Empty Glass from the record. He said that my Dad opened up the CD and put it right on the radio.

That song along with other hits like Whole Stole My Monkey, Louisiana Lullaby,  and Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine has cemented Richard LeBouef as one of the best Louisiana artists ever.

Happy birthday Richard.  Thanks for the great music sir!

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