October 1 of this year, a tractor-trailer carrying livestock on I-10 West lost control and crashed at mile marker 33. The driver lost control, overturned, and as a result, 10 calves escaped the trailer and onto the interstate. The roof of the trailer carrying the cattle had become damaged and allowed the animals to escape. One calf was struck by another oncoming tractor-trailer and was killed.

After the incident, PETA made a statement on October 6. PETA told the American Press

Cows died in terror and agony because of the crash, and many of the traumatized survivors were reportedly shot as they tried to flee or were rounded up and hauled off, likely to end up with their throats slit and bodies carved up for food.

The comments were made by PETA's Senior Director Danielle Katz. She went on to say that PETA would be installing a display in that area to remind people that animals suffer and die. The sign would not only stand as a reminder but also an encouragement for people in the area to go vegan.

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No actual word on if this will actually happen. I personally don't see a billboard of this nature lasting too long in an area where cattle is abundantly used, raised, and eaten. I wouldn't even know how to eat a vegan gumbo.

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