In the last week or so the meme and phrase "Let's Go Brandon" have started popping up everywhere. You hear people randomly shouting it, it's on random social media memes, and even TikTok users have joined in. The question is, however, what does it mean and where did it come from?

In the world of live television, and radio, you sometimes have to think on your feet. When it's truly live, there's no re-do and no takebacks. You just gotta run with what happens and do your best to move past it, or recover from whatever might happen. What does that have to do with "Let's Go Brandon?". It starts with a NASCAR race!

NASCAR racer Brandon Brown was being interviewed after winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series this month. As he was being interviewed, the crowd behind him began chanting. The crowd's chants were heard very clearly as they repeated "F*** Joe Biden" over and over again during the NBC interview. In either a stroke of quick thinking or being totally unaware of her surroundings, NBC reporter Kellie Stavast says during her interview with Brown that the crowd was indeed chanting "Let's go Brandon" and not what the rest of us thought was happening.

Whether she knew what was really going on or not, it doesn't change the nationwide explosion that happened after those words of "Let's Go Brandon". Now, there are t-shirts, flags, social media memes, and even other people doing interviews using the phrase.

Of course, who would have thought we would have lived through a global pandemic, two hurricanes, a flood, and a freeze in less than a year. Guess it does mean anything is possible.

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