Did we really miss Payless this much? Just last year, the store that was selling shoes for as little as $10 a pair filed for bankruptcy, fired all of its employees, and closed all of its brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Even after trying to shift into a new look for the brand, the company could just not compete with online sales. Now, they feel it is time to try again by opening up stores. You know, when no one is working, going anywhere, and has no income to spend on items with school starting. Heck, most kids won't even need back to school shoes, at this point.

The first store is set to open in Miami, FL in November, followed by a total of 700 in the coming year-and-a-half across the world. Stores will be state-of-the-art with interactive kiosks, smart mirrors, and new technology to analyze how each customer walks to be able to fit them in the proper show. Online sales are set to begin next week, with a small amount of clothing and shoes customers can order on their website.

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