There are quite a few staples in Lake Charles that have yet to reopen. We just got Nelson's opened back up, so mark that one off of the list. One of the cornerstones of telling an outsider where to eat has always been Pat's of Henderson. My favorite part of eating at Pat's is the baked potato. The fact they bring you that spinny thing to build your potato at the table has been my favorite thing to do since I was a kid. As I got older, I appreciate the food even more, but still will revert to childhood when it's time to make a potato.

KPLC's John Bridges recently interviewed owner Nick Perioux about the current state of the restaurant, and some hopeful news was given about the current status, opening date, and future plans for the eatery. Perioux told KPLC that he is indeed hoping to reopen by December of this year after taking a huge hit from Hurricane Laura. Not only is it opening back up, but Nick is hoping once they get back into the routine, they can focus on expanding the dining area as well.

If the people of SWLA are anything, it's patient. Most of this patience we have was forced upon us, but we are doing it either way. Most of the time it's kicking and screaming, but it counts either way in my book. Every time I see a business like this stand up and announce its return, it makes me smile and realize how strong this community truly is.

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