Where I come from in the Deep South football is more than a religion. People attend football games more regularly than they make church services. That's how big of a deal football, especially college football is here in the lands that touch the Gulf of Mexico.

Back in the late 80s, I had the grave misfortune of living and working in Oklahoma. Yeah, things didn't work out for me there but one thing I did learn about my time in the land of Barry Switzer. Oklahoma football is a big deal. Nope, not Oklahoma State, sorry Garth Brooks, but the University of Boomer Freakin' Sooner Oklahoma. That's the school that mattered then and evidently, it still matters now.

You might recall that storied football powerhouse based in Norman Oklahoma recently lost their head football coach. Lincoln Riley was viewed as a "god" in Oklahoma. However, his decision to fly the coop for the University of Southern California has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Oklahoma residents.

One of those residents just happens to be Oklahoma State Senator Bill Coleman. Bill is a Republican who serves the good people of Ponca City. Well, Senator Coleman must have an obvious issue with former Coach Riley because he wants to name a highway after him.

Well, he kinda wants to name a highway after him.

The legislation that Senator Coleman has introduced would name only the "last three inches of State Highway 325" after the former coach. Now, if you don't know much about Oklahoma geography, there's not much to know. It's kind of barren and empty, especially in the panhandle where this tee tiny minute stretch of roadway would be located.

This is the road, as you can see it's empty just like Lincoln Riley's promises to the players at Oklahoma.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

Senator Coleman told 2News Oklahoma that the tiny stretch of desolate roadway should be named the Lincoln Riley Highway because,

I felt the State of Oklahoma needed an appropriate goodbye to this former head coach whose sudden departure left many in shock, including a team of young, dedicated college players

Owww, it burns.

Senator Coleman went on to say the proclamation would be only fitting since this would have been the last three inches Coach Riley would have seen as he motored westward out of the state and on his way to California. Coleman has offered to pay for the signage necessary to properly mark the "stretch" of the highway.

Now, before you dismiss this idea as a total goof. The measure will go before the Oklahoma legislature and they could actually approve the bill making law as early as next February. Maybe by then, time will have healed the wounds...Nah, this is football those wounds will last forever.

Since we're kind of on the roads out in the general vicinity of Texas, is anybody hungry?

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