I can remember President Reagan telling Americans that they should be responsible for helping each other instead of the counting on the government for everything. This would be a perfect example of that. This group is not waiting for help, they are stepping up to help.

Troopers in New Orleans
getty Images/Brian Bahr

Mardi Gras is a huge time of the year for tourism in New Orleans. this year the season comes at a time when the city finds itself facing an increase in violent crime. That is certainly not good for tourism. According to the Lake Charles American Press the New Orleans Convention and Tourism Bureau is not waiting for funds from the national, state or local government. They saw a problem and stepped in to beef up Louisiana State Police patrols during Mardi Gras by providing $2.5 million to cover overtime pay. . Hotel rooms will also be provided to troopers coming from out of town. Hats off to the New Orleans Convention and Tourism Bureau!

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