The Louisiana State police announced yesterday that they have graduated 46 new troopers from their police academy.  This was the 95th session of the academy and now all new graduates await their assignments of which troop area they will serve in.

This academy started back in November of last year and is a marathon 22 week session of class work, firearms, defensive tactics and extreme physical training.

Now up for the new graduates is a deployment to certain troop areas where they will begin a FTO program.  FTO stands for Field Training officer where the new graduates will spend 10 weeks with a senior trooper in the field training before they will released on their own.

Lake Charles is in the hub for Troop D and the Troop D area covers five parishes.  According to Sgt. James Anderson, the Troop D area will be getting six new troopers from this class.

So when you see the guys and gals in blue with the gold Louisiana sheilds on their chest, thank them for their service and welcome them to Southwest Louisiana.

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