Erath Representative Blake Miguez knows a lot about guns. As a world champion shooter he knows that gun safety should be a priority when it comes to keeping our population safe. That same notion of safety should not infringe upon any American's right to keep and bear arms.

Yet, the dangers of firearms present to young children needed to be addressed.  That is why he authored and pushed through legislation that would teach Louisiana's school children age appropriate lessons on firearms safety.

Before you think they are now going to be teaching target practice in junior high school let me put that notion to rest. The Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program is designed to teach kids how to respect and avoid fire arms. The program was developed by the National Rifle Association.  Miguez suggests it's very similar to the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" fire safety program.

What the Eddie Eagle program teaches is stop, don't touch, run away and call an adult when you run across a firearm.

In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Miguez told reporters that this program is designed to help reduce the amount of accidental gun deaths in the state.

My intent was to pass a law that didn't infringe on the second amendment but made the state of Louisiana safer and made our youth safer and that's what this bill does.

Governor Jindal signed the bill into law and the gun safety curriculum will now be included in classrooms next fall. The curriculum will be taught as part of another existing course of study.

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