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I don't know about you, but I'm tired of this COVID-19 crisis.  Every time I sneeze, I'm worried that I've got it.  With the stories of variant Coronavirus cases popping up everyday now, it's hard not to thing that this thing will get worse before it gets better.

That being said, something that I have been worried about since the beginning of the in-person school year has just been proven untrue.  A new study out of the University of Mississippi Medical Center shows that schools aren't quite the breeding ground I previously assumed, at least not as much as the other things kids have been exposed to over the last few months.

The study was done in conjunction with the CDC in order to find out just how much danger our children were putting the public in by attending in-person classes then going home to their parents.  According to FOX 29, the data shows that more kids (patients under 18) are becoming infected after attending social gatherings during the months of September, October and November than they did by attending classes.

The study showed that the strict policies in place to limit transmission in our schools are more effective than the lax attitudes at family celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The chief among these differences was the fact that masks were required in schools while very few family gatherings involved them.

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