Cajun Cutie Baking Big Dreams All By Herself!
Five-year-old Evelyn Sigur's baking talents rival those of most folks five times her age, and her big dream is to prove she is the best pint-sized baker of them all. She baked the cupcakes you see in the video for her own birthday on April 16!
Crayola Retiring One From Box of 24 And What They Are Now!
Crayola has announced that on Friday, National Crayon Day, it will live stream the retirement of one color from its box of 24. They issued the invitation via Facebook and are asking you to RSVP for the big event. I did because I'm a big fan of coloring, although I don't always stay inside …
Your Kids Can Win Cash Building Shoebox floats
We are in for some more cold weather and your kids will be inside. Here is a fun idea that could actually win your kids some cash. This can be done as an individual or a school group project. Just have your kids build a miniature Mardi Gras Float out of a shoebox.

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