Get ready, Lake Charles. A new restaurant is coming to town. On the corner of Nelson Road and West Prien Lake Road next to Sam's Club, they are building a new Arby's.

That part of town is blowing up. In the area of Nelson Road and West Prien Lake road, we have already seen a new La-Z-Boy furniture store, a Red Wings clothing store, and a Torchy's Tacos open up in the past year or so.

However, Arby's is not new to Lake Charles. There used to be one on Highway 14 in the parking lot where the old Kroger was. That location was there for years before it shut down.

Now, the new restaurant is being built right next to another restaurant being built, which is a new Buffalo Wild Wings. Yep, two new food joints are coming to Lake Charles.

There is no word on when the new Arby's will be opening up, but it's coming. So if you have driven by the area of Nelson Road and West Prien Lake and wondered what was being built at that location, now you know.

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