The 54-year-old Mike Tyson has not stepped foot into a ring in 15 years. His last fight against Kevin McBride sent Tyson to the mat and on into retirement. The visual of seeing Tyson fall to the canvas after only six rounds was something that rocked boxing fans across the globe. It was said, leading up to that fight, there was no way Tyson could lose against the underdog.

Holyfield v Tyson II
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"Iron Mike" became the youngest heavyweight boxer ever in 1986 when he beat down Trevor Berbick after only two rounds. After that bout in 1986, Tyson stayed undefeated until losing to Buster Douglas in 1990. His opponents would say he was the most intimidating man they have ever fought, and that he would put the fear of God in you the moment he stepped in the ring. Tyson would go on in his career to retire with a 50-6 record.

Lately, Mike Tyson has been posting his workout routines on social media. He has shown his workout regimen and eating schedule. People have even attempted to copy the 54-year-old's daily routine, but failed miserably trying to keep up with the constant workouts.

Tyson has decided it is time to return to the ring. His opponent will be 51-year-old Roy Jones, Jr.. Tyson and Jones never fought each other in their prime, but Jones has agreed to join Tyson in the ring. It seems to be tied into a new league Tyson and some partners have cooked up called the Legends Only League, a platform Tyson describes in a video as a way for retired sports legends to get back into the game and to their glory days. According to his snippet of video, this would be for any sport at any time. Could this mean Bo Jackson and his big bad hip could make a comeback?

The Tyson/Jones fight is scheduled for September 12, and will be available on pay-per-view and a subscription sports service called Thriller.

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