The legendary and soon to be Country Music Hall of Famer's the Oak Ridge Boys are in town for a concert tonight at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles and today one of the members of the group was at a local book store signing autographs.  Joe Bonsall was out promoting his new book he wrote called On The Road With The Oak Ridge Boys  Forty Years of Untold Stories and Adventures and I went out to meet him today.

I  caught up with Joe Bonsall and talk to him about his new book and other topics.  In the video you will see below I talked to Joe Bonsall about their upcoming induction into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.  Then we also talked about the coolest places and people that the Oak Ridge Boys have played for in their career.

Then we switched gears and talked about the book and how Joe Bonsall has a connection with Cajun music.  Check out my interview with Country music Legend Joe Bonsall from the Oak Ridge Boys.

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