Mattress Mack is back again with his crazy bet on the Astros, and customers of his could win free mattresses if the Astros win the world series. Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale is a staple in the Houston area and is known for his charitable deeds, and large betting style when it comes to his Houston Astros. Mack's most recent charitable donation was opening up his stores during the freeze that swept over Houston, letting people that could not go home sleep in his stores on the beds.

The mattress mogul laid down $3.35m in June claiming that the Astros would go all the way this year. After last night's game, I would assume he's feeling pretty good about that bet. The wager Mack has placed is to help cover up another wager that he makes. Any customer that purchases a mattress exceeding $3,000 during the season, will receive their money back if the Astros indeed go all the way and win the World Series.

McIngvale told CNN that roughly 5,000 mattresses sold this season qualify for the winning refund. That promotion started in June of this year and ended at game one of the World Series after the first pitch was thrown. It seems crazy to think that someone would lay down that much money on a hunch, but Mack says that the sales the promotion brought in more than pay for the initial wager that he placed over three different sports wagering locations.

If the Astros pull a win for the world series, Mack will take home $38.9 million in winnings. The refunds on the mattresses he will have to give back will be roughly half of those winnings, give or take. If he has already covered the initial bet in profits alone and can walk away with another $14-$16m after paying out the refunds, it seems like a no-brainer to do. Guess we will see what happens as the Astros head to Atlanta to play tonight.

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