When Joe Burrow was the quarterback for the LSU Tigers it didn't take fans long to figure out, there is nothing that bothers this guy. He is the same Joe Burrow on first and ten as he is on fourth and one. He's always ready to make the play. And, he's not bothered by how loud the opposing crowd gets. In fact, his comments about crowd noise might just rile up some of the NFL's most fevered fan bases.

When asked about crowd noise and how it affects his play for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL Burrow's response just might make the folks in Minnesota and Seattle try a little harder. And, if he ever comes to play the Saints in the Superdome he might change his mind a little too. But for now, Joe Burrow is on record as saying the crowd noise in the NFL is nothing compared to the crowd noise he encountered while playing in stadiums around the Southeastern Conference.

Part of the reason for rampant noise in Southeastern Conference stadiums is the sheer size of them. For example, the stadium the Baltimore Ravens play their home games in seats 71,000 fans. That's smaller than seven of the fourteen stadiums currently being used by SEC schools. By the way, when Burrow and his Bengals visited the Ravens at their home stadium the Bengals bested the "blackbirds" by a score of 41-17.

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Now it is true that the second-year signal-caller has yet to play a game in Seattle long notorious for its ample crowd noise. Nor has he played a game at Buffalo's Rich Stadium. The crowd there can get rather rowdy when they're not frozen to their seats.

And, I am sure that Burrow's remarks have made it onto the bulletin boards of the teams he is about to face. Those teams include the New York Jets, the Las Vegas Raiders, The Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns. Personally, he might have trouble hearing a crowd in NYC this Sunday, the Jets are 1 and 5 and are not getting better.

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I guess this fact about crowd noise could be used as a great recruiting tool for schools like LSU. Not only can an athlete have a platform to showcase his skills, but he can also learn to perform in a hostile environment that makes him even more ready for the NFL. Maybe this is part of the reason the SEC and LSU have put so many players in the pros.

Here's what Joe Burrow said according to the website brobible.

We knew that they were gonna be jacked up for us to come in, and expecting to beat our ass. But we were ready for it. Playing in the SEC definitely, definitely helped. Gets way louder in the SEC than in any of these NFL stadiums.

Maybe it is the size of the NFL crowds. Or it could be that when it comes to football in the Southeastern Conference it "Just Means More".

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