It's been almost ten months since Hurricane Laura came through Southwest Louisiana and devastated almost everything in her path. Many businesses took a direct hit, causing so much damage they were forced to basically rebuild from scratch.

The beloved Market Basket stores in Lake Charles were among them. Not just one, but all four of the their locations in Lake Charles were destroyed.

However, the good news is the Market Basket on the corner of Lake Street and Country Club Road reopened yesterday with an all-new look. We had a chance to visit it yesterday, and we barely recognized the place.

Everything inside is new, and the store features a new deli with hot foods, a bakery, and a new and improved smokehouse. I'm not going to lie, after a ten month absence, we were super exited to be able to get some of their award winning smoked boudin again. Around Southwest Louisiana, we love our fresh boudin and smoked sausage, and their meat counter was fully stocked once more.

Remember, even though most of their locations were devastated, Market Basket still held free grocery events all over Southwest Louisiana to help our local folks with free groceries after the storms.

We are happy to have Market Basket back in our community and look forward to the other three locations reopening soon.

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