It has been 671 days since Hurricane Laura tore through Market Basket on Ryan Street and ripped the entire shopping mall to shreds. Slowly workers began to put the pieces back together. We all knew eventually, this day would come.

Market Basket worked hard to not only rebuild all of their stores that were impacted by the Hurricanes, and floods, but also build them back better. Most of their stores in the area came back better than ever when they were rebuilt and the Lake Charles store located on Ryan Street is no exception.

Market Basket
Market Basket

Today, they officially opened their doors to many eager shoppers. Not only were they excited to check out the big changes in the store, but to get back into the swing of things by shopping local and close to home. The store features all of the products and prices we all know and love and has brought back everyone's favorite smokehouse too.

Stop by the re-opened, and renovated, Market Basket on Ryan Street and check out how beautiful it is inside!

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