Yesterday, the Southeastern Conference announced all teams in the SEC would go to a ten game all conference schedule for the 2020 season, and the new date for the kickoff to the season was announced.

What does that mean? For LSU and other teams in the SEC East and West, they will not be playing other teams outside of the SEC this season. For instance, LSU was supposed to play UT San Antonio and Texas at the beginning of the season, but now those games will not happen.

Instead, LSU will face off against SEC teams in both the Eastern side of the conference and also play teams within the Western side of the conference where LSU is a part of.

The SEC has decided to start the 2020 season now on September 26 and it will be a ten game schedule for all teams with the SEC Championship game set for December 19 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The gamer was originally scheduled for December 5.

McNeese State v LSU
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LSU and all the other teams in the SEC will have one open date within the season and all SEC teams will all have an open date on December 12.

So who will LSU play this year? The schedules are being revised right now for the 2020 SEC football season and they will be announced following approval by the Southeastern Conference's athletics directors.

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