Tiger football fans are used to the LSU games starting at 6pm and sometimes 7pm or if CBS picks up the game they start at 2:30pm.  But not this Saturday!

LSU will host Ole Miss in a big SEC West matchup and the game has been picked up by ESPN and has a later start then usual for Tiger fans.

The game will be in Baton Rouge in Death Valley and kickoff is not until 8:15pm.  That's right LSU fans, 8:15pm!

That is really late for a home game at Tiger stadium.  I guess on the good side of it, fans will have more time to tailgate outside of the stadium.

McNeese Football field New Turf (Photo provided by Matt Bonnette MSU)

For fans who aren't going to the game, the McNeese Cowboys have a home game this Saturday in Lake Charles against Stephen F Austin at 6pm.

So set your TIVO and go tailgate out at McNeese and go to the game.  Then you can go home and start the LSU game and fast forward thru commercials!