In Louisiana, with us being the "Sportsman's Paradise," every week should be dedicated to boating and fishing! But this week is actually the official National Fishing and Boating Week.

Annually, the entire first week of June is a national celebration of fishing and boating. It highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing in enhancing people's
quality of life and preserving our country's natural beauty.

In observance of the celebration again this year, the State of Louisiana will offer its annual Free Fishing Days this weekend, June 7 and 8. During these two days, no one will be required to obtain the normally State-mandated fishing license.

And a great way for us to celebrate the occasion is to take a kid fishing. Heck, load the car and take several kids to any one of the many piers that dot our area lakes.

Research has indicated that the main reason people don’t go fishing or boating is because no one has invited them. During National Fishing and Boating Week, or the next time you go fishing, take someone new: a child, a relative, or a friend.

Of course, don't forget that after June 7 and 8 you'll need that fishing license, and the current licenses will expire on June 30, 2014.