Now this is the true essence of calling someone's bluff!

A 66-year-old guy named Andrew Higdon is a roofer in West Monroe, Louisiana.  And back in June of 2016, he put a new roof on a woman's home.

Well, she never paid him.  She says they had an agreement that she'd pay him when she got an insurance settlement, but he got impatient, and in December of 2016, he started demanding his money.

She didn't have it, and I'm guessing she figured there was nothing he could REALLY do other than keep bugging her or sue her.

Well, she was wrong.  Because when she got home one day, she found that Andrew had been there and repossessed the ENTIRE ROOF.  He took the entire thing, so her home was totally exposed.

And if things couldn't get any rained.  That caused about $11,000 in damage, so the woman went to the cops.

They've been trying to get Andrew to talk to them to give his side of the story, but he's been ignoring them.  So last week, they arrested him for criminal damage and trespassing.

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