The HERP Show is slithering into the Lake Charles Civic Center this weekend, April 14-15. HERP stands for Houston Exotic And Reptile Pets. Breeders and suppliers will pack the place with creepy, fascinating creatures of the benign and venomous varieties.

From bearded dragons to colorful frogs to hooded cobras, be prepared to be awed (and, possibly, a bit freaked out) by all that you see.

If adding one of these to your family is on you bucket list, you won't want to miss the show. Speaking of family, HERPS Lake Charles features a Kids' Corner complete with bounce houses, educational opportunities, and a photo booth with ridiculous reptiles.

A one-day pass is $10 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under. If you'd like to attend both days, you can get a two-day pass for $15 for adults or $8 for kids. Children under the age of three get in free.

According to their Facebook page, HERPS visits several venues across Texas and Louisiana. People who are in the business of these specific creatures pack up their freight and hit the road to show what they've got.

So how does one pack a bearded dragon? Ice chest? The video below is quite fascinating. (But I don't think I'll be going to her house for a visit anytime soon.)


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