On the eve of Halloween, a player in lottery games who purchased a ticket got the "fun-size" equivalent of a jackpot. And just like you're not disappointed in your tiny two bites of Butterfinger or Snickers or Twix or Kit Kat, this lottery player won't likely feel the need to scoff at the prize of $1.3 million dollars.

Well to be fair, the $1.3 million prize was actually the game's top prize. So I guess the player knew exactly what he or she was hoping to attain. The big money ticket was not sold for the Mega Millions game nor the Powerball game. This big-money ticket was purchased for the Louisiana Lottery's own Lotto game.

This $1.3 million dollar winner marks the second Lotto prize of over a million dollars since July but the third game-winner sold in that same time frame. By the way, the other, more-than-a-million-dollar winner was sold for the July 28th drawing of this year and that jackpot was just over two million dollars.

Alexander Mils via Unsplash.com
Alexander Mils via Unsplash.com

Now that you have your tickets out, let's check the numbers and see if you're holding a life-changing amount of cash in your hands. The numbers for the October 30, 2021 Lotto game from the Louisiana Lottery were:

11   16   18   22   32   35

The ticket that can lay claim to all the cash matched all five of the numbers drawn for last night's game. There are other ways to win playing Lotto, so if you didn't match all five don't trash your ticket without checking the other options.

Unfortunately as of this writing, we can only tell you that the ticket was purchased in Lake Charles. Our contacts at the Louisiana Lottery will soon be updating their "Big Wins" in Louisiana page and will no doubt offer information on where the big-money winner was purchased.

Powerball Jackpot Rises To $210 Million
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

There have been no big wins in Louisiana as far as the Powerball and Mega Millions games are concerned. Well, since last weekend. Yeah, we get pretty lucky playing these lottery games in the bayou.

Tomorrow night's Powerball drawing will be for an estimated $123 million dollars. That drawing will take place at 9:59 pm Louisiana time, By rule, ticket sales must cease at least one hour before the drawing.

So buy your ticket before you go grab something to eat. but when you do that don't be like these people. The waitstaff has been watching.

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